Meet the Band!

(Band Members* Listed Alphabetically by Last Name)

Amy Bright | Vocals
HOME TOWN: West Bloomfield, MI

WHY NBB? "I've loved the big band sound for as long as I can remember, and I'm passionate about keeping school music programs healthy!"

Brad Cassity | Rhythm Section: Bass

HOME TOWN: St. Louis, MO

WHY NBB? "I love playing big band and jazz charts with great musicians. I also believe in the mission. Music is a shared language that transcends age, race and gender. We need better funding for music education in our schools. I am happy to be a part of it!"

Jim Castaldi | Musical Director, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, 

HOME TOWN:  Woonsocket, RI

WHY NBB?  "I have always had a love of big band music from my earliest high school days and am now fulfilling my lifelong dream as Musical Director." 

Tom Curcio | Trumpet

HOME TOWN:   Sewickley, PA

WHY NBB?  "After 20 years with the band, I am committed to the mission and I love the music."

Lou DeBonzo | Saxophone, Clarinet


WHY NBB?  "Naples Big Band concerts give everyone the opportunity to hear and enjoy the music of the big band era, and I love being a small part of providing this enjoyment!

Lennie Ferenz | Rhythm Section: Piano

Oren Hollasch | Trombone

HOME TOWN:  Buffalo, NY 

WHY NBB?  "I enjoy playing the original Big Band arrangements we play, but also more modern arrangements we are adding!"

Todd Irby | Emcee

HOME TOWN: Richmond, VA

WHY NBB? "I have loved music since I was in the orchestra in middle school. Big Band is just cool and always will be — I also love being around talented people and these folks really bring it!"

Ralph Kotsur | Saxophone

HOME TOWN: Nanticoke, PA

WHY NBB? "Having mostly played in small groups, I always wanted to be part of the big band scene."

Dave McDonagh | Saxophone

HOME TOWN: Toledo, OH via Saline, MI

WHY NBB?  "I like playing ALL styles of music, but especially big band music."

Dave Metzler | Trumpet, Vocals

HOME TOWN: Elk Grove, IL

WHY NBB?  "NBB has fulfilled my bucket list to perform on trumpet and vocals."

Tom Morrier | Trombone

HOME TOWN:  Pittsfield, MA

WHY NBB? "I enjoy playing this music and being with this group!" 

Mark Ricci | Rhythm Section: Guitar

HOME TOWN: Vineland, NJ 

WHY NBB?   "I play with the Naples Big Band because they swing!"

Chris Strom | Rhythm Section: Drums

Denis Viers | Trombone


WHY NBB?  "I just love to play all the traditional swing charts with good people!"

*This list represents all of our regular band members, but it does not list our many substitute players who show up diligently whenever and wherever we need them! 

So to all of you amazing sub players who might be reading this, we say THANK YOU for your hard work and willingness to jump in!

Why Does Naples Big Band Exist?

Sure, every single one of us loves to perform the music we play, but did you know we are not "just" a big band?

We are all equally committed to the 2nd part of our mission: financially supporting music education in area high schools.