1. To promote, preserve, and perform American big band music and

2. To financially support music education in area high schools.

We want to continue fortifying high school music education and producing top-quality outdoor concerts, but believe it or not, concerts cost a lot of money to produce!  ...SEE BELOW* 

Without the assistance of sponsorship and private donation dollars, we end up paying expenses out of the donations we collect during each concert’s intermission. 

Depending on the audience size of each concert, sometimes there just isn’t much left over to put into our High School Music Education Program Annual Award fund once concert fees are paid. 

Can you help with a donation by mail?


*Behind the scenes, there are a number of ongoing costs associated with producing our admission-free shows such as advertising/public relations, fees to cities for park and band shell rental, sound engineering, rental cost of rehearsal and music storage facilities, cost of printed items like brochures and programs, plus numerous administrative expenses, etc. 

With the help of donations, sponsorships and concert underwriting, we can pay our expenses and still have enough to invest in our High School Music Education Program Annual Award fund. 

Every spring, once all seasonal band expenses have been paid in full, we determine just how big of a check we can write to the designated area high school. 

For a minimum $500 donation, you can underwrite a concert in the name of your business, or in the name of a loved one. Choose the FERMATA level in our Noteworthy Sponsor Club  or call 239-777-0416 for more information.